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About ICLEI Africa

The ICLEI Africa Secretariat, the regional office for ICLEI in Africa, is based in Cape Town, South Africa and collaborates closely with the global ICLEI network and other regional offices around the world, in sharing tools, materials, strategies and good practices specifically designed and implemented at the local level.

In addition to the work done in Africa, ICLEI Africa is home to the ICLEI Cities Biodiversity Center which has ICLEI’s mandate to engage globally with local governments on biodiversity-related matters. The Center’s activities are based on promoting the concept of natural capital and addressing the degradation of ecosystem goods and services that underpin human well-being. It is also home to ICLEI’s flagship biodiversity programme, namely Local Action for Biodiversity (LAB).

Our Core Values


"Unity in diversity"

We value and respect ourselves, each other, our members, partners, customers, suppliers and the community.

Embodiment of this value

  • Treating all persons with dignity and courtesy
  • Embracing diversity of cultures and viewpoints
  • Encouraging and valuing all contributions
  • Provide credit where it is due
  • Assess, analyse and evaluate ideas without judgement




“Life-long education, continued quest for knowledge”

We celebrate the freedom to pursue informed decisions and creative problem solving by learning from our experience and promoting innovative thinking.

Embodiment of this value

  • Aim to innovate through testing new ideas
  • Explore good ideas
  • Engage with colleagues for increased creativity
  • Turn problems into opportunities
  • Grow from your mistakes
  • Capture and share best practice




“Work for a good cause, you will get support”

We recognise the quality, value and significance of our colleagues, internally and externally with all stakeholders.

Embodiment of this value

  • Communicate your appreciation
  • Pay attention and listen to understand
  • Acknowledge good performance
  • Celebrate success
  • Foster a positive and supportive atmosphere




“Cooperation and independence source”

We strive to work together with both our clients and colleagues for finding better plans and solutions through fostering strong relationships and knowledge sharing.

Embodiment of this value

  • Build productive, long-term relationships
  • Readily share experiences, resources, knowledge and opportunities
  • Engage with the team for increased efficiency
  • Learn from your peers




“Genuineness and authenticity”

We will always conduct ourselves in a professional and ethical manner, fostering trust and honesty in our interactions.

Embodiment of this value

  • Be honest, fair and realistic
  • Follow through on commitments
  • Share our values with our partners.
  • Build trust amongst each other, our clients, our suppliers and our community




“Imperishable and endurance”

We recognise the importance of a consistent positive work ethic delivered with commitment and dedication.

Embodiment of this value

  • High productivity
  • Dedication to completion
  • Producing work of a very high standard
  • Taking responsibility
  • Exceed your team and clients’ expectations
  • Acknowledge success



Contact ICLEI Africa

For more contact the ICLEI Africa Secretariat at:

ICLEI Africa Secretariat
3 Knowledge Park, Century City, Cape Town
Tel: +27 21 202 0381 - Fax: +27 87 8096185
E-mail: iclei-africa@iclei.org

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