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The Africa Water and Sanitation Local Authorities (AWASLA) Network is an exciting new dynamic, interactive and dedicated pan-African network for African local governments and their associated institutions engaged in all aspects of the urban water cycle (water supply, sanitation, storm and wastewater management). AWASLA provides a unique platform enabling local governments to exchange knowledge and good practice, consider emerging challenges and innovations and explore collaborative action. All towards seeking a paradigm shift for more sustainable, resilient and equitable urban water and sanitation practices in Africa.

By 2025, about 1.8 billion people will be living in regions or countries with absolute water scarcity.

AWASLA aims to:

Promote Knowledge Exchange by

  • Facilitating peer to peer exchange of the knowledge and best practice emerging regionally and internationally
  • Fostering collaboration through interactive and facilitated discussion and debate

Build Capacity by

  • Informing research and contributing to innovation and adaptive urban water and sanitation solutions for local application
  • Providing access to the latest research, data, tools and publications in the urban water and sanitation field

Facilitate Connections

  • AWASLA connects local governments and sub-national decision makers across sectors, leading researchers and scientists, institutions, communities and external support agencies committed to addressing the challenges and opportunities for urban water and sanitation in African cities

Empower Advocacy

  • Promoting and mobilising the local government voice into regional and international water and sanitation advocacy processes and fora

AWASLA is open to all local and sub-national governments, and their associations in Africa, committed to achieving more sustainable and effective urban water and sanitation management practices in African cities.

Regional and international organisations, non-governmental organisations, research institutions and individuals who wish to exchange knowledge and best practice for urban water and sanitation in Africa can participate as Associates of the Network.

Visit the AWASLA website here.

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