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Sustainable Urban Resilient Water for Africa: SUReWater4Africa project was part-funded by EuropeAid and works with local governments in six African countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). The project aims to contribute to sustainable climate change (CC) resilient urban water planning mechanisms and action based on international benchmarking within local authorities while ensuring multiplier effects to the region.

The SURe Water 4 Africa: Developing LoCS project has three specific objectives:

Objective 1: To improve local authorities’ local understanding of current & projected climate change risks associated with flooding & drought and to develop capacity amongst policy- and decision-makers to apply such knowledge, and to influence local, national and regional policy & decision-making processes.

This objective lays the foundation for the whole project in terms of filling knowledge gaps, developing capacity and providing an enabling environment for all three objectives to be met.

Objective 2: To strengthen, develop, pilot and institutionalise municipal integrated flooding and drought intervention frameworks ‘SURe Water Frameworks’ in 6 African LAs with multiplier effects across the region

This objective continues the knowledge gathering from objective 1, and shares the knowledge amongst the project stakeholders and beyond – regionally and globally. It provides platforms for this knowledge sharing and to enable efficient and direct city to city transfer of knowledge and lessons learned.

Objective 3: To strengthen local, national & regional knowledge management and to facilitate information sharing on the water/climate change/urban development nexus towards up-scaling locally driven and successful implementation.

Meeting this objective is directly linked to the first two specific objectives. The activities in some cases serve as an input to support the results for the first two objectives and in others an outcome of the first two objectives, contributing to knowledge sharing and upscaling.


The project produced personalized Local Action Plans, water process maps and illustrated water cycle maps for the project cities.


Water for Cities posters




Water for Cities booklet


Case studies

The final project conference was the Local Climate Solutions for Africa (LoCS4Africa): Water & Climate Congress. Download the report here.

Funded by:

This project was run with funds from the European Commission as part of the ‘Sustainable Urban Resilient Water for Africa: Developing Local Climate Solutions’ project (DCI-NSAPVD/2012/303-795). The project, document and views expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Commission.

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