Ecosystem-based Adaptation
A guiding framework for decision-making criteria

Addressing the effects of climate change at the local level is critical to saving lives and livelihoods as well as to maintain social and economic well-being. It is imperative for each urban entity to actively engage in proactive local level planning, to ensure the best fit for Climate Change Adaptation (CCA); robust and bold adaptation measures are needed. While there is quite simply no generic approach to CCA at the local level, since every urban environment in the broadest sense is unique, there is recognition of the need for direction around adaptation actions. This is particularly so for the even newer field of work around utilizing ecosystems and natural infrastructure to reduce vulnerability and risks in an increasingly uncertain climate. Ecosystem based approaches are not well defined nor typically within the usual jurisdiction of the local authority that depends or impacts on them, incorporating decision-making around ecosystems can be complex. The spectrum of approaches includes both practical actions and also developing institutional capacity to respond.


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