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Why join?

Why join ICLEI Africa?

The immense, interconnected urban sustainability challenges our world, and our continent in particular, currently face need to be tackled in an integrated, inclusive way with tenacity, boldness and proven expertise.

Our ICLEI Africa cities and regions are doing just that:



Tackling difficult, complex, interconnected sustainability issues head on and applying creative problem solving and cutting edge, innovative solutions, appropriate for our African context.



Embracing reflection and learning, and harnessing African excellence, in order to quickly adapt and evolve in response to changing circumstances and better serve their communities.



Working tirelessly with their citizens and our vast, robust network of cities and partners, to accelerate and strengthen sustainability action, and drive change.



A strength in our current reality, understanding and empowering their citizens, and sharing knowledge and best practices with each other to build resilience and create a better, more inclusive future for everyone.

If your city identifies with or aspires to these qualities, is serious about sustainability and wants to collaborate with leading cities across Africa and globally, join ICLEI Africa today!

At ICLEI Africa, we work across the various development agendas, aligning with African and global policies, and contextualising our work within the realities of our continent. We reach over 450 cities and regions, influencing sustainability policy and driving local action for low emission, nature-based, equitable, resilient and circular development.


ICLEI Member benefits

As an ICLEI Member, you have access to a wide range of benefits.

Get connected

Get connected

Take advantage of discounted participation in ICLEI events, such as our Local Climate Solutions for Africa congress series and ICLEI World Congress. Access grant and travel funding within ICLEI projects and programmes and connect with the ICLEI network around the world. Engage in global processes and platforms, including those of the United Nations. Connect, share and learn from other cities and regions through joining initiatives supported or hosted by ICLEI, such as CitiesWithNature, RegionsWithNature, the Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA) and Cities Race to Resilience.
Get informed

Get informed

Stay up to date with the latest information, ideas and technical advancements that shape the sustainability landscape. Participate in regular webinars, as well as courses on our Learn With ICLEI Africa platform, that cover your particular areas of interest. Access technical reports, case studies and guidebooks. Get global news updates, thematic newsletters and advocacy updates.
Get resources

Get resources

Tap into diverse knowledge and skills, by working alongside our technical teams from around the world. Make use of ICLEI’s leading tools, reporting platforms, methodologies and associated support to achieve your sustainability goals. Learn more about some of the programmes and projects run by our multidisciplinary teams.
Get involved

Get involved

Vote and elect the political representatives that define the global strategic direction of the entire network. Apply to participate in our governance boards that define our strategic direction and include global leadership and advocacy positions.
Get featured

Get featured

Host a global or regional event in your city that attracts a range of city leaders, experts, implementing partners and the media. Have your city and sustainability achievements profiled in our newsletters, at events, and via our social media channels. Participate in our campaigns such as African City Food Month and African Mobility Month to amplify your sustainability work and achievements.

We are the largest and oldest global association of cities and subnational governments dedicated to sustainable development.

More reasons to join ICLEI Africa

We co-develop projects and programmes with our cities and regions, from conceptualisation through to implementation, and work with them to optimise finance for sustainability, while also seeking new funding.


ICLEI is the largest and oldest global association of cities and subnational governments dedicated to sustainable development.


We work with all cities and regions, large and small, remote or well-connected, no matter where they are on their sustainability journey.


We co-produce projects with our cities and modify actions based on real needs.


We work with cities to optimise finance for sustainability, while also seeking new funding.


We are a trusted partner and have built long-standing relationships with a vast network of partners and cities.


We are dedicated to facilitating the right connections to strengthen action and drive change.

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If your city is serious about sustainability and wants to collaborate with leading cities and experts across Africa and globally, find out more about how to join ICLEI Africa.

Joining process

ICLEI Africa membership process:

ICLEI membership fees are payable on an annual basis. We also offer the option of paying upfront for a discounted 3-year membership, if preferred.

We are open to discussing ways in which we can tailor a specific membership package to suit your needs.

Step 01

Download and complete the membership application form
Download the application form

Step 02

Send the completed form to
Send the form

Step 03

Based on your preferred membership package, a membership fee package invoice will be sent to you

Step 04

Once paid, you will officially be welcomed as our newest ICLEI member!