Join a leading global network of cities and regions committed to sustainable urban development



  • Connect with the most ambitious and committed cities around the globe advocating for a sustainable future.
  • Work alongside over 1 750 member cities and regions.
  • Collaborate with fellow game-changers to ensure the supporting framework for cities is high on the political agenda.
  • Join ICLEI’s various networks and initiatives, including:


  • CitiesWithNature is a unique global initiative that recognises and enhances the value of nature in and around cities across the world.
  • It provides a shared platform for cities, experts and communities to connect and learn from each other, working with shared commitment towards a more sustainable urban world.
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Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA)

  • CoM SSA supports Sub-Saharan cities in their fight against climate change and in their efforts in ensuring access to clean energy.
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Procura+ Africa Network

  • The Procura+ Africa Network is one of three regional Procura+ networks supported by ICLEI.
  • It connects cities in Africa with a strong global community of local governments implementing sustainable public procurement. This takes place through in-person meetings, webinars, and where possible study tours for focused in-person learning.
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Building Efficiency Accelerator (BEA)

  • BEA is a public-private collaboration that turns global expertise into action to accelerate local government implementation of building efficiency policies and programmes.
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100% Renewable Energy (100%RE)

  • The 100% RE Cities and Regions Network, run by ICLEI, accelerates the renewable energy transition by bringing networking, peer learning, technical guidance and the latest renewable energy research and findings to participants.
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  • Gain from the broad knowledge and expertise within the ICLEI network through our training and consultancy services aimed at developing local sustainability strategies and solutions.
  • Tackle challenges and share solutions alongside ICLEI’s worldwide network of local government representatives, through workshops, webinars and conferences.



  • Elect political representatives that define the global strategic direction of the entire network.
  • Guide global leadership through our governance boards and influence advocacy positions in climate negotiations and other key decisions.
  • Host a global or regional event in your city that attracts a variety of cities, experts, partners and media.
  • Engage in global processes and platforms, including those of the United Nations.
  • Contribute to the design and pilot phases of international campaigns and projects.
  • Test and develop sustainability measures and tools that further help cities in achieving their sustainability goals.



  • Lead in pioneering global projects and serve as role models to cities around the world.
  • Speak at high-level events to advance the interests of local and subnational governments on the global stage.
  • Feature your impactful work on our websites and in our newsletters, media releases, case studies and other publications.



  • Funding – access grant and travel funding within ICLEI projects and programmes and connect with the ICLEI network around the world.
  • Support – access ICLEI’s leading tools, technical reports, methodologies, case studies and associated support to achieve your sustainability goals.
  • Training – access capacity-building and skills-transmission initiatives through projects and programmes led by our multidisciplinary teams.



Capacity building and training (online / in-person)

  • LBSAP development and ensuring vertical integration with NBSAPs (two day course)
  • Climate change 101: Why tackling climate change is essential in cities
  • Climate finance
  • How to enable multi-level governance for the achievement of climate resilient development
  • How to utilise urban natural assets to build climate resilience
  • How to build climate resilience in coastal cities
  • How to enhance disaster preparedness via city planning
  • How to mainstream nature-based solutions that build climate resilience within city planning and decision making


Technical services

  • Greenhouse gas emissions inventories
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Climate change plans – mitigation, adaptation and energy access (includes target setting)
  • Ensuring climate change plans comply with global initiatives such as the Global Covenant of Mayors and regional initiatives such as the Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Assist cities with reporting climate change actions into global reporting systems, such as the merged CDP-ICLEI reporting platform
  • Vehicle emissions reduction strategies
  • UNDRR Disaster Risk Reduction scorecards
  • Disaster Risk Reduction strategies and action plans
  • LBSAP development
  • Thematic Atlas development
  • Food systems policy development
  • Invasive species control and management plan development
  • Integrated catchment management plan development



  • Stay informed about the latest innovation trends and developments, as well as opportunities
  • Get the latest information and ideas that shape the sustainability landscape – up-to-date information on global advocacy processes, thematic webinars, technical advancements and local sustainability leadership.
  • Get global news updates, thematic newsletters and advocacy updates.



  • Full membership: If you would like to apply for full membership of ICLEI you can apply online or download a printable application form and send it to membership@iclei.org.


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  • Associate partners: Associate partners and corporate partners are not full members but have impactful and long-lasting partnerships with ICLEI. They facilitate dialogue with local government and knowledge transmission in line ICLEI’s mission statement and mandate.
  • For queries about applications, fees or any other questions, please contact our Membership Office at membership@iclei.org.