My Green Home: Guide To Saving Money (Extended Guide)
Guide To Saving Money By Going Green (Extended Guide)

Reading through this guide, it won’t take long before you find these words from Lutholuthle Ngewana. It’s not a quote from a renowned African poet, or a scientist or a politician. It’s advice from Lutho, the 17-year-old son of the Ngewana family who took on the My Green Home challenge. There are no better words to describe the spirit of this unique project that turned a fairly ordinary South African suburban home into a much more sustainable home, which halved energy and water consumption within a few months, and reduced their waste going to landfill by over 80%. As the CEO of South Africa’s National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI)1, I believe that this has been a fantastic demonstration project for energy efficiency and SANEDI has taken pride in participating and sharing the outstanding results of My Green Home. South Africa is still undergoing energy generation challenges which would be easier to overcome if every one of us helps to relieve the national power grid by saving energy at home (and at work). My Green Home has shown that every one of us can save a substantial share of electricity, waste and water by simply being aware of high-consuming appliances in our everyday life, and by using them consciously.


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