ICLEI is engaged in hundreds of activities in more than 3,500 cities, towns and regions worldwide.

In Africa, our projects and activities, guided by the five interconnected pathways, are designed to facilitate intergrated sustainable urban development.


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AfriFOODlinks aims to address the systemic underpinnings of food insecurity and environmental impact, to lead to real transformation. Urban food environments are the key area for improving nutrition and reducing environmental impact in African cities because this is where residents make choices about the food they eat. It is also where the food security priorities...
We, together with various partners, are jointly delivering activities under the SESA project, which aims at providing energy access technologies and business models that are easily replicable and generate local opportunities for economic development and social cohesion in selected sites in nine African countries.
We are supporting and facilitating capacity building within coastal cities and the transfer of knowledge and expertise to harness the potential of these cities. We are assessing needs of coastal cities’ in the Western Indian Ocean region through a key stakeholder engagement workshops and delivering trainings on adapting to climate change and enhancing resilience.
Cities are complex, dynamic, political systems. We bring together the right people and an understanding of the political economy of individual cities to identify and address the critical challenges they are facing. Our aim is to generate insights and evidence that will help improve the living conditions, services and life chances of all city residents, particularly for disadvantaged communities.
Building more inclusive and sustainable food systems has the catalytic potential to offer several economic and development benefits to all people, especially the poor and disadvantaged.