ICLEI is engaged in hundreds of activities in more than 3,500 cities, towns and regions worldwide.

In Africa, our projects and activities, guided by the five interconnected pathways, are designed to facilitate intergrated sustainable urban development.


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We support the City of Johannesburg secure, promote, enhance and protect natural systems and build resilience towards environmental sustainability for human wellbeing and economic prosperity.
We enable cities, towns and municipalities to co-produce and implement disaster risk reduction strategies at the local level.
We provide city-regions with nature-based solutions for urban challenges in the Global South and integrate these into city planning and draft Local Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans.
We support Sub-Saharan African city stakeholders and subnational governments co-produce relevant knowledge for climate resilience.
We support local governments in Africa to protect and revitalise their urban natural assets by integrating nature-based solutions into land use planning for increased resilience.