Portfolio: Health, Water, Sanitation and Waste

Provision of water and sanitation services at the local level, is pivotal to Africa’s urban future. Recent figures from the World Health Organisation and UNICEF (2010) suggest that within Sub-Saharan Africa 565 million people still use unimproved sanitation, and 330 million are currently utilising unimproved drinking-water. Within Sub-Saharan Africa there is a clear gap between the progress of improved water and sanitation provision, with sanitation clearly lagging behind. Local governments need to address the existing backlog in respect to water and sanitation services whilst extending their infrastructure to serve new developments. The death of approximately one million Africans each year can be attributed to poor sanitation and solid waste management, as well as hygiene and drinking water related diseases - which can be effectively addressed through the provision of basic services in our urban settlements.

ICLEI Africa seeks to strengthen and mobilise integrated, cooperative and innovative action in the region towards improved local water, sanitation, waste and hygiene service delivery for healthy, thriving urban communities. 

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