ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, or ICLEI for short, is the leading global network of over 1,500 cities, towns and regions committed to building a sustainable urban future. We work with a wide range of cities and other sub-national governments in over 85 countries.

The Reason Why

Earth is transitioning into an “urban planet”.

A massive up-scaling and acceleration of local efforts is required to respond to the pace of global environmental change, indicated through the trends of global ecosystem services’ degradation and the overshoot of the human footprint on Earth.

Business as usual is no longer an option. Standard good practice is not good enough. New technical, organizational, financial and social solutions are needed.
Political leaders and experts must act rapidly and implement innovatively while pursuing new sustainable urban solutions.

We connect leaders, accelerate action and provide a gateway to solutions.

ICLEI supports cities across a broad range of themes, which include:

·         Management of global environmental goods:

Climate, water, biodiversity and ecosystems, air, land/soil, food.

·         Policy innovation:

Local Agenda 21/urban governance with stakeholder involvement, integrated sustainability management, the green economy, security and social development.

·         Municipal planning and management:

Sustainability management, land development, climate change mitigation and adaptation, resilience management, procurement and management of natural, social and economic resources.

·         Transformation of infrastructure:

Mobility, building, energy, water and sanitation, waste, information and communication technologies.

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