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Designing Inclusive African Coastal City Resilience

We are conducting inclusive and co-created research into what climate-resilient measures can and should be implemented in coastal African cities.

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Years active:

2023 - 2025

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Beira, Mozambique | eThekwini, South Africa

Funded by

CLARE is a £110m, UK-Canada framework research programme on Climate Adaptation and Resilience, aiming to enable socially inclusive and sustainable action to build resilience to climate change and natural hazards. CLARE is an initiative jointly designed, funded and run by the UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office and Canada’s International Development Research Centre. CLARE is primarily funded by UK aid from the UK government, along with the International Development Research Centre, Canada.

Project summary

The INACCT Resilience project considers the realities of thousands of African people whose lives have been devastated by the impacts of extreme events such as intense flooding (likely to be made worse by climate change), and aims to provide forward-looking and inclusive solutions, as well as the proactive measures to achieve these solutions.

Project aims

  • Promote co-learning and the co-creation of climate-resilient solutions between eThekwini, South Africa and Beira, Mozambique.
  • Encourage inclusivity by giving voice to marginalized people and communities who have been affected by climate change in these contexts.
  • Create Africa-specific climate-resilience solutions that can potentially help other cities on the continent become more resilient.

Project partners

team manager

Main project contact


Dr Hayley Leck

Senior Specialist: Climate Change, Resilience & Research
Designing Inclusive African Coastal City Resilience