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Disaster Risk Reduction in African Cities

Using the 2021 World Risk Poll results and relevant data, DRR4Africa supports three cities to screen existing risks to climate-induced hazards.

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Years active:

2023 - 2025

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Port Louis, Mauritius | Lusaka, Zambia | Cape Coast, Ghana

Funded by

Lloyd’s Register Foundation

Project summary

Climate change is a major threat to our wellbeing and to the health of the planet. And the 2021 World Risk Poll results confirm that Africa is the continent with the lowest resilience index scores in the world. People in Central and Western Africa, and especially women, reported having experienced flood-related disasters in the past five years more than people in any other region globally. With the aim of ultimately saving lives, the DRR4Africa project seeks to improve the resilience of three selected African cities from climate-induced disasters by collaboratively identifying the biggest disaster threats, and developing solutions packages tailored to these cities. Though inclusive, participatory workshops with different sectors represented, DRR4Africa will consolidate existing data on each city’s disaster risk, and turn it into a useful roadmap to guide the way forward. Priority areas of intervention for the municipality will be identified, and a tailored solutions package will be co-developed in each city.

Project aims

The project aims to support multiple African cities to move towards outcomes of improved safety and resilience to climate-induced disasters, especially for women. This will be achieved through evidence-based urban resilient planning processes, training and increased multi-level governance collaboration.

The project depends on collaboration with climate champions within municipalities across Africa, civil society representatives, women’s groups, academia and other people interested in increasing the quality, inclusivity and accuracy of risk assessments for disaster planning where it’s needed most.

Project partners

team manager

Main project contact


Lucy Lavirotte

Senior Specialist: Climate change, Energy & Resilience
The project team

Disaster Risk Reduction in African Cities team

Lucy Lavirotte

Lucy Lavirotte

Senior Specialist: Climate change, Energy & Resilience
Lucy holds a Msc in Political Science and a MPhil in Climate Change and Development. She has worked on GCF and GEF adaptation project design in several French speaking countries before joining ICLEI Africa in early 2021. Lucy currently works on participatory adaptation action planning, gender inclusion and finance for local climate action under the CoM SSA project.
Carina Mason

Carina Mason

Communications Officer

Carina has over 12 years’ experience in the writing and editing industry, with about 5 years in the non-profit space. She is passionate about contributing her skillset to the sustainable growth of the African cities that ICLEI’s projects support. Carina has a degree in Communications and recently submitted her Masters dissertation in Media Studies to Wits University. She has always been interested in the intersection of media and communication with environmental issues, and the impact that the right message can have in making lasting positive change.

Disaster Risk Reduction in African Cities