An EcoMobile City fulfills its objective of creating a more livable and accessible city by utilizing Sustainable Urban Mobility principles to achieve significant reduction in GHG emissions and energy consumption, improvements to air quality, better use of public space and increased mobility opportunities for all citizens.

A key component of Sustainable Urban Mobility is EcoMobility, which gives priority to integrated, socially inclusive, and environmentally-friendly transport options.

EcoMobility comprises walking, cycling, wheeling, and passenging and, wherever possible, integrates shared mobility as an integrated alternative personal automobile use.

Ecomobility Festival

Ecomobility is a term used to describe travel through integrated, socially inclusive, and environmentally friendly options namely walking, cycling, wheeling and public transport options. Ecomobility encourages the use of mobile transport that has low to no emissions compared to the personal automobiles powered by fossil fuels.

EcoMobility is a way to prioritise such opportunities – such as walking, cycling, and public transport — in an integrated fashion and offer multi-modal transport options that meet the needs of most people.

Read about the Ecomobility Festival held in Johannesburg here.

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