100% Renewable Energy

The 100%RE Cities & Regions Network brings together leading cities, towns and regions that are driving the transition towards 100% Renewable Energy (RE), in a global community of practice to facilitate peer-learning and accelerate progress. The 100%RE Cities & Regions Network is part of the Global 100% Renewable Energy Campaign.

The 100%RE Network is inclusive and open to all ambitious cities, towns, and regions setting their course towards 100% Renewable Energy and demonstrating that it is possible to realize this vision.

These ambitious cities:
• make commitments and decisions towards 100%RE, even if this is in a specific sector and not across the whole city;
• drive the uptake of RE in their territories, paving the way to generate and use 100% RE, especially in electricity, heating/cooling, transportation and local government operations;
• employ ambitious energy efficiency measures;
• systematically replace fossil fuels and/or nuclear energy with RE;
• give preference to local RE resources, where available;
• are transitioning towards 100% RE with a participatory and people-centered approach;
• monitor and report progress towards 100%RE.

City of Tshwane was the first City in Africa to join the 100%RE Network in showcasing their transition towards renewable energy in the transport sector.

The City of Tshwane has a target to reach 50% renewable energy at community-scale by 2030, and a clear political interest in exploring the 100% renewable energy pathway. Recent city initiatives include bio-gas recovery from waste, to fuel the city-operated bus fleet running on concentrated natural gas and they also installed two solar powered electric vehicle charging stations in October 2016. Municipal buildings are being retrofitted with renewable energy installations, while they are encouraging the installation of solar water heaters for private homes.

Cities that are keen to join the 100%RE Network can contact us at 100re.network@remove-this.iclei.org or visit the 100%RE website for more information.

For more information about Renewable Energy in Africa, visit the African City Energy Website.



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