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Sawdust recycling creates jobs while cleaning up city

The environmentalist Leslie Adogame in Lagos, Nigeria, a member city of ICLEI - Local Government for Sustainability - Africa, has developed a new method of recycling which leads to sustainable waste management, job creation and environmental conservation, i.e. sawdust recycling.

“After brooding over it for a while, I decided that I had to do something to stop the burning of sawdust not just in Lagos metropolis alone, but possibly in the whole of Nigeria,” Adogame stated.

This innovation has been a success in terms of the increase in employment and UNDP/GEF-Small Grants Programme’s grantees for small projects in Nigerian poor communities. In the local community, 200 full-time jobs have been created thanks to the sawdust recycling project. Moreover, the project is anticipated to result in 8000 jobs and 92 percent reduced sawdust within five years. In sum, it enhances the reduction of environmental pollution and the living standards of citizens who are present near sawmills. Thus, the project has spread to other cities in Nigeria. As a result, Adogame won the prize of the annual international UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) 2011 SEED Awards, announcing inspirational social and environmental entrepreneurs dealing with development issues in developing countries.

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