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Archived news from ICLEI Africa


IFWEN updates: Exploring innovation

How do we improve the productivity and co-benefits across food, water and energy sectors, and how can we use nature’s benefits to do this, while restoring nature in the process?



Thin plastics banned, nature prioritised and bat habitat mapped: How our UNA Rivers Project is influencing policy in Malawi

In a time when our cities are bursting at the seams, we need deep, systemic change to build climate resilient cities through preserving our urban nature – laws and policies that embed nature in city planning. Changing policy is a slow, uphill journey, which makes our recent influence in Malawi all the more significant.



The KZN Climate Change Summit: No talk shop here

 The province of KwaZulu-Natal felt the impact of climate change acutely this year. In April, 71 people died and thousands were displaced following severe flooding. Premier Sihle Zikalala acknowledges that climate change is partially responsible for the severity of the floods. He also noted the annual sardine run – an iconic and internationally renowned natural event for the province – is also tangibly affected by climate change. In an...



ICLEI Africa is progressing the continent’s climate change agenda: Climate reporting achievements from seven African cities

ICLEI Africa has been providing climate change technical support to African cities for decades. One area of support is helping cities report on their climate change progress and actions. An example from 2019 is that we assisted seven African cities in achieving significant climate reporting milestones. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.



Unravelling the complexities: co-producing climate solutions for African cities

In a world where significant environmental changes are affecting global communities, researchers are challenging the view that science is superior to local knowledge and acknowledging with respect and care, the lived experience of those dealing with the impacts of climate change. These transformative ways of learning invite all who call a city home to co-produce practical interventions that can truly enhance resilience in their cities. This is...



African Mobility Month: Walking the talk on sustainable mobility

ICLEI is calling on citizens of African cities to celebrate walking, cycling and all forms of active mobility during African Mobility Month from 20 September to 20 October 2019. Showing public demand for safe infrastructure aims to attract national government support.



New mural in Dar es Salaam gets people talking about urban nature

In Ilala Municipality, Dar es Salaam, large open green spaces are few and far between. Pockets of land left open by city planners quickly become informally re-purposed by street vendors to sell fruit and vegetables, by the urban poor for development of informal dwellings or are even used as waste dumping areas. But the Urban Natural Assets: Rivers for Life project, one of ICLEI Africa’s flagship biodiversity projects, is aiming to raise...


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