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ICLEI's Urban Agendas: Towards sustainable cities

In response to the most pressing and relevant challenges of urban sustainability in the upcoming years, ICLEI defines 10 Agendas which are our priority action areas. They require collective action in order to secure sustainability at the local, and ultimately global level.


Our International Agendas


Through our thematic Urban Agendas, we support our members to
create positive impacts on the:

  • People they serve: by enhancing their social and cultural well-being,
  • Places they operate: by ensuring prosperity through generating a green, inclusive and productive economy,
  • Planet they care for: by leading type of development that respects the planetary boundaries and
  • Policies that they govern: by implementing participatory and integrated mechanisms, caring for an urban-rural continuum, seeking for vertical integration
    and participating in global efforts as governmental stakeholders.
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