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Full Membership

Membership in ICLEI provides access to a worldwide network of peers, allowing its Members to benefit from, and contribute to, the success of others in the global community.

Membership also distinguishes local authorities as leaders in the arena of sustainable development at the local level, and as part of a growing global network, that pioneers local solutions to global development challenges.

Specific benefits of ICLEI membership vary from Member to Member, depending upon their needs and active participation in the Council.

ICLEI Membership benefits include:

• The opportunity to be part of the voice of Local Authorities on a variety of topics and debates, engaging international institutions such as UN agencies, the World Economic Forum and many more.

• Belonging to an international movement of cities, and regional and local authorities aimed at tangible improvements of the global environment.
• Participation, networking capacity building and information exchange through ICLEI Africa’s key projects (including Energy and Climate Change, Urban Biodiversity, Water and Sanitation and Sustainable Consumption and Production).
• Connection and twinning with other cities on shared interests.

• An introductory webinar in the first few months, to explain all current political initiatives & commitments around sustainability matters. Can be followed by an analysis of specific needs and institutional mapping for your organisation.
• Free access to case studies on innovative approaches to local sustainability.
• Regular information through the organisational newsletters, websites and information portals.
• Publications free of charge (guides, manuals, reports, etc.), such as the Sustainable Urban Energy Planning guidebook.
• Access to a variety of information and services (such as online publications, Web conferencing and calendar information) on ICLEI's Web-Info-System.

• Participation In international development cooperation projects and programs.
• The opportunity of being profiled, interviewed for ICLEI’s newsletters and featured in our tri-annual publication.

• Two webinars every year, on themes as diverse as lobbying and approaching funders, to ecomobility and conducting citizen engagement initiatives.
• The opportunity to participate in international research, innovative pilot and training programs.
• Discounted access to ICLEI’s ad-hoc consultancy services and training.
• Reduced fees for conferences, seminars and training courses organised by ICLEI's International Training Centre (ITC).
• Free access to ICLEI AFRICA tools, such as the first level of Resilient Africa.
• Privileged access to international funded programs and innovative pilots on sustainability.
• Participation in Local Action for Biodiversity (LAB) Programme (Participation fee required).

If you would like to apply for Full Membership in ICLEI, please fill out an on-line application form or, you can download a printable application form in English or in French, and fax or email it to ICLEI Africa. Please contact ICLEI at iclei-africa@iclei.org for more information.

Please also contact us if you have any questions about membership benefits, rates, application or payment procedures.

Associate Partnerships

Associate Partners and Corporate Partners are not full Members, but rather parties with which ICLEI has special non-exclusive long-term relationships with. Associate Partnerships help to facilitate dialogues between local governments and these partners, to provide knowledge transfer in line with ICLEI's Mission, and an avenue for which partners can support ICLEI's mandate. More information on the ICLEI Associate & Corporate Partners is available here.

ICLEI has reformed its associate membership structure and more information on the new fee structures are available here. Please contact iclei-africa@remove-this.iclei.org or membership@remove-this.iclei.org if you have any questions about how to calculate your fees or for more information on membership.

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