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IBM Partners Lagos on Smarter Cities Challenge

The grant of the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge, a 50 million dollar competitive grant program for 100 cities, running since 2011, has been provided to Lagos, Nigeria, and Cape Town, South Africa, among the additional 30 cities around the world.

This implies that these were the only African cities announced at a summit in New York, USA. The program is IBM’s only and greatest global initiative, allocating an IBM expert team to investigate main issues recognized by the leaders of the cities. Experts, mayors and urban policy leaders attended the summit to discuss strategies aligned with a wide variety of themes from economic development and transportation to citizen participation as well as sustainability. They intended to raise new solutions to the contemporary issues in need of being addressed by cities, e.g. clarifying financing in addition to strategies in progress, enhancing productivity, altering organizations, applying data and technology efficiently.

In 2013, the IBM team will arrive to IBM’s West Africa head office in Lagos for its free consulting engagement worth 400 000 dollars for each city. In collaboration with city officials, the team will analyze data while pleading for the contribution of several local advocacy groups. Finally, IBM will advise the city of effective procedures to deal with the challenges.

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