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New local governance survey

The United Nations University - Institute of Advanced Studies in collaboration with ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability is now launching an online survey of “Local Governance on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services”.

This is a non-partisan, academic research project, which aims to explore the challenges involved in local governance on biodiversity and ecosystem services, and ways in which local governments deal with these challenges. This study intends to contribute information for local capacity building of the sustainable use and management of biodiversity and ecosystem services, which will eventually help local governments in meeting the overall Aichi Targets at national levels.

The survey is designed to explore the main challenges associated with developing and implementing initiatives to strengthen the role of local biodiversity and ecosystem services in local development efforts, as well as to understand the important factors that contribute to the success of mainstreaming and implementing biodiversity and ecosystem services initiatives.

The result of the survey will be used to identify specific challenges and characteristics in regions/countries. Contributing cities will be listed in associated publications; otherwise participant cities can request to be anonymous. Your contribution on this survey will be valuable to our knowledge regarding how trailered strategies might be made for different local governments. We urge you to participate in our survey.

Should you require further assistance in “language or other issues”, please contact; seyram.agbemenya@iclei.org or shih@unu.edu.

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