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The Urban NEXUS is an approach to the design of sustainable urban development solutions. The approach guides stakeholders to identify and pursue possible synergies between sectors, jurisdictions, and technical domains, so as to increase institutional performance, optimize resource management, and service quality.

It counters traditional sectoral thinking, trade-offs, and divided responsibilities that often result in poorly coordinated investments, increased costs, and underutilized infrastructures and facilities. The ultimate goal of the Urban NEXUS approach is to accelerate access to services, and to increase service quality and the quality of life within our planetary boundaries.

The Urban NEXUS project 2013-2014 was funded by the German Development Cooperation (GIZ on behalf of the BMZ) to develop the "Operationalization of the NEXUS approach in cities and metropolitan regions", including a baseline study (GIZ and ICLEI, 2014), identifying and documenting existing good practices (case studies), and implementing two action-oriented pilot projects supported by the German Development Cooperation.

The Urban NEXUS seeks out opportunities for integration in cities and metropolitan regions at the different scales of the built environment and its infrastructures; integration of the region’s supply chains and resource cycles; and of the policies and operations of local, regional, sub-national and national jurisdictions. For that purpose, an Urban NEXUS solution integrates two or more systems, services, policy or operational “silos”, jurisdictions or social behaviors, in order to achieve multiple urban policy objectives and to deliver greater benefits with equal or less resources. Urban NEXUS solutions typically involve a set of coordinated measures that range the areas of technology, policy, planning, finance, business models, institutional design, and communications - amounting to a “solution set”.

Although the process for identifying a prospect and designing a solution may be transferable, Urban NEXUS solutions developed for one place may not be transferable to another. Therefore, the Urban NEXUS approach is fundamentally a process of solution customization, and depends on the valuable input from all relevant stakeholders.

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