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ICLEI Members showcasing leadership at the Cities at Risk Workshop

The ‘Cities at Risk Workshop – Africa’ was opened yesterday in Durban, as part of the partnership between the International START Secretariat, the eThekwini Municipality of Durban, and the ICSU Regional Office for Africa.

 This initiative is funded by the Swedish Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) through the International Council of Science (ICSU). It timeously follows on from the Durban Adaptation Charter Implementation Guidance Workshop held the week prior championed by Mayor James Nxumalo of the City of Durban through his position as ICLEI Vice President and chair of the ICLEI Resilience portfolio. Delegates where welcomed to the workshop by Councillor Logi Naidoo from Durban, who gave an address on behalf of the Mayor.

Mayor Ousmane Drame of Nioro du Rip, Senegal and Chairperson of the ICLEI Africa Committee opened the workshop with a message highlighting the role of local governments as being at the front line of risk, and said “we cannot dissociate investing in urban resilience with investing in development”. This was reiterated by Dr Edith Madela-Mntla, ICSU-Regional Office for Africa.

Madela-Mntla noted that 86% of all growth in the world over the next four decades will take place in Africa and Asia, thus providing the impetus for ongoing research, policy and action to be implemented in these regions at the local level.

ICLEI Africa is playing an active role in the workshop and represented by the climate resilience team who will present on a range of projects, initiatives and tools offered by ICLEI. In addition to the representation of Nioro du Rip, representatives from four other ICLEI member local governments are in attendance and will present on their cities climate change initiatives. These include: Walvis Bay, Lagos State, eThekwini, and Dar es Salaam. Indeed, all the local government representatives attending the workshop are from ICLEI member cities, showcasing the vision, leadership, and action of ICLEI cities.

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