Every month ICLEI Africa focuses on one of their members and looks at their history, their environmental achievements and the challenges they face while mitigating climate change.


Member of the Month February 2015: Lagos State

Lagos State, the megacity ICLEI Member in southern Nigeria, has consistently led the way in a range of sustainability activities – from solar power in public institutions to innovative adaptation measures – it well deserves this member of the month recognition.



Member of the Month January 2015: Nakuru, Kenya

Nakuru lies in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, and is the capital of the Nakuru County in the Midwest of Kenya. The capital with its 300,000 inhabitants is the fourth largest city in the country.



Member of the Month : December 2014 The city of Bujumbara

The city of Bujumbura, capital city of Burundi and a long-term ICLEI member, has shown great concern for its environment and the improvement of the lives of its 800,000 inhabitants.



Member of the Month: November 2014 The City of Dakar

The City of Dakar, capital city of Senegal, metropolis of nearly 3 million and often seen as a gateway to Africa, has been an ICLEI member since May 2013. Its concern for its environment has shown in its range of sustainability projects, and we would like to honour the City for its work.


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