African Utility Week

African Utility Week in Cape Town to showcase home-grown solutions as well as business opportunities in continent’s energy market



AfriAlliance Newsletter out now

In March, AfriAlliance reached an important milestone: the official inaugural launch conference at the Local Climate Solutions for Africa: Water & Climate Congress.



ICLEI Africa co-hosts successful LoCS4Africa 2017: Water & Climate Congress with City of Ekurhuleni

From the 22nd to the 24th of March 2017, delegates gathered in the City of Ekurhuleni to explore the challenges surrounding water and sanitation in African cities.



New publication on subnational governments in the international climate space

Download "A Place for Subnational Governments at the International Climate Negotiating Table," published by the South African institute of International Affairs and written by ICLEI Africa's Luke Moore here. 



Learning Exchange between City of Lusaka and City of Kigali

Under the WWF funded Earth Hour City Challenge; and in collaboration with ICLEI Africa and RALGA (Rwandan Association of Local Government Authorities), a learning exchange was organised between City of Lusaka (Zambia) Council officials and the City of Kigali (Rwanda) between 29th November and 2nd December 2016.



Dialogue for decision-making: unpacking the ‘City Learning Lab’ approach

ICLEI Africa co-authors Working Paper on decision-making by unpacking the ‘City Learning Lab’ approach



Terms of Reference for Cost-Benefit Analysis of Climate Change Adaptation Measures

ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability-Africa seeks applications from suitably qualified service providers to undertake a Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) for the climate change adaptation component of their flagship water and sanitation project. The project entitled ‘Sustainable Urban Resilient Water for Africa: Developing Local Climate Solutions (SURe Water 4 Africa)’ is a five year European Commission funded project. The project commenced in...



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