Renewables 2014 Global Status Report now out!

“Developing and emerging economies account for 70% of countries globally which support Renewable Energy uptake through relevant policies and actions,”comments Emani Kumar, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability Deputy Secretary General and ICLEI South Asia Executive Director on the newly released Renewables 2014 Global Status Report.



Urban Climate Change Governance Survey

The Urban Climate Change Governance Survey (UCGS) presents a global overview of the current state of urban responses to climate change.



ICLEI member eThekwini wins “Most progressive water utility in Africa” Stockholm Industry Water Award

ICLEI member eThekwini, part of the Durban Municipality in South Africa, has picked up the 2014 Stockholm Industry Water Award for its dedication to improving water and sanitation services.



Assessing Wastewater Management and Water Quality in Africa

ICLEI Africa will present on the 'Situation of waste-water management in Africa with the perspective on governance and stakeholder involvement' in Dakar, Senegal from 26-30 May 2014.



SURe Water 4 Africa: Developing LoCS Inception Meeting Report

In the last quarter of 2013 ICLEI Africa hosted six, three-day inception meetings, one in each of the project local authorities, bringing together technical and political stakeholders with utility representatives and key actors active in the local water and sanitation sector.



Introducing the new carbonn Center Director

Maryke van Staden, a South African who has lived and worked in Europe for 15 years, coordinates ICLEI's global low-carbon strategy.



New urban agriculture​e magazine available online!

The Urban Agriculture Magazine is an initiative of the RUAF Foundation. It functions as a platform for exchange and discussion of grounded information on urban agriculture: research results, project experiences, and critical analyses of conventional and innovative policies on urban agriculture.



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