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20 May 2015

AFD signs massive loan agreement with City of Johannesburg

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A meeting between the AFD (Agence Française de Développement) and ICLEI member the City of Johannesburg has resulted in a 120m EU loan to support its capital investment budget.

AFD CEO Anne Paugman was in Johannesburg for a meeting from 11-13 May when the deal was made with the aim of supporting spatial transformation of the City.

This loan will focus on developing the City’s Corridors of Freedom to connect different social environments, from private and public housing to community centres and business parks. The load will aim to improve the lives of the least fortunate and improve existing economic infrastructure along with lowering the City’s carbon footprint.

Along with the loan the AFD offers French collaboration on a technical level with agreements signed with the City of Paris, Lille Métropole the French Institute of Urban Morphology and C40. The results of this collaboration will be presented at the Paris COP 21 in November 2015.

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