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9 April 2018

AfriAlliance: Call for proposal to form an Action Group

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Africa is going to be one of the regions most in need of innovative solutions for tackling water and Climate Change-related challenges.

The successful interaction among relevant stakeholders from both Africa and Europe in water management is of principal importance when trying to generate, increase and exchange knowledge and innovation that address the demands for solutions that have noticeable and high impact.

This is why we now invite applications for the second set of demand-driven, problem-focused AfriAlliance Action Groups. Five Action Groups will be formed with the aim of reducing fragmentation in water and climate actions within Africa and between Africa and the European Union by bringing together relevant knowledge, expertise and solutions. We invite you to create an Action Group of African and European peers for effective, problem-focused knowledge sharing. It will allow you to jointly demonstrate your innovative ideas, undertake pilot activities together, and share knowledge between stakeholders and networks, to effectively identify and address vulnerabilities.

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