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29 June 2016

AfriAlliance project: Questionnaire

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ICLEI Africa, as a partner in the newly launched AfriAlliance project, encourages cities to participate in the below online survey to inform the structure and design of the projects’ working groups.

The AfriAlliance project (Network of European and African networks on water and climate) will launch this summer a call for nominations for working groups (“Action Groups”) on 5 themes:

  • Integrated management of water resources,
  • Food security / agriculture,
  • Development of human resource capacity,
  • Adaptation / mitigation of climate change,
  • Data collection for monitoring, analysis and forecasting of water resources and climate.

To prepare for this call, we would first understand the motivations and barriers that lead people to decide whether to participate in a working group. To this end, we invite you to complete a short questionnaire and disseminate it to your contacts and on your social media accounts (e.g. LinkedIn, Viadeo):

This questionnaire will be available for only one week, from Monday, June 27 until Sunday, July 3, and to fill it takes about 10 minutes.

Please note that the answers will be used for research purposes only. They will be used anonymously, without identifying the authors.

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