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3 February 2014

C40 Summit being held in JHB

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The 5th of February saw the beginning of the C40 summit held in ICLEI Member city of Johannesburg who will host Megacity leaders from around the world to discuss efficient and proven methods to deal to respond to and reduce the impacts of climate change.

Houston mayor Annise Parker expressed the need of the meeting for the general populace saying “on the topic of the importance of measurement and how we communicate around climate change: It is Easier to make the case with economic and social messages around climate change and to couch messages in bites that citizens can relate to!”

Ken Livingston, former Mayor of London, created the C40 in 2005 as a platform for Megacity leaders to share best practices and exchange knowledge and now includes 58 Megacities, many of whom are pioneering ICLEI members. Jenny Clover – Senior Manager of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability – Africa, is attending the three day event.

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