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6 February 2015

carbonn Climate Registry (cCR) showcased in first globally integrated National Climate Change Response Monitoring and Evaluation System in South Africa

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The South African national climate change response monitoring and evaluation system is the first of its kind globally – one that integrates both adaptation and mitigation into one coherent and integrating system.

This process will enhance intergovernmental (as well as interdepartmental) collaboration, national consolidation of mitigation, adaptation and climate finance information as well as informing the response to climate change and tracking SA’s transition to its 2030 vision. With the National Development Plan of South Africa alluding to the government’s low-carbon, resilient vision, an adequate climate change monitoring system is pivotal in ensuring this vision becomes reality.

ICLEI’s carbonn Climate Registry (cCR) is being tested as the major reporting platform to channel local government’s commitments and actions to the National climate change response database. More than 500 cities are currently registered and reporting to the cCR, including 11 South African cities. Benefits of reporting on the cCR include:

• Promoting transparency and accountability of commitments/targets and GHG developments
• Improves Measurable, Reportable, Verifiable (MRV) local climate action
• Recognition and promotion of cities and local leaders; invited to present and showcase their climate work at a global scale
• Be part of an inspirational network of thousands of entries – mitigation and adaptation, diverse examples, ambitions shared by cities, sub/national governments

South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs’ (DEA) is partnering with ICLEI – Africa, the South African Local Governments Association (SALGA) and other partners to embark on a roadshow mission to all nine of South Africa’s provinces. The roadshow is the starting point for government to engage all relevant stakeholders across the entire country to introduce the national climate change response M&E system and give participants a hands-on experience of completing the cCR.

Provincial, district and local governments met in eThekwini, KwaZulu-Natal end of January for the first stop of the South African national Climate Change Monitoring and Evaluation system roadshow. It is set to continue until June, with the Western Cape province as the next stop in February 2015.

For more information, please contact Steven Bland

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