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18 September 2014

cCR becomes official reporting platform for Communities for America campaign

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The carbonn Climate Registry (cCR) has become the official reporting platform for the Resilient Communities for America campaign.

Led by ICLEI USA alongside its partners, the Resilient Communities for America Campaign is a movement of 180+ mayors and local elected officials committed to communities that can bounce back from extreme weather, energy, and economic challenges.

Through the platform, these committed cities can now share information on the actions and commitments they are taking towards:

• climate resilience
• clean energy
• greenhouse gas emissions baselines, targets, and reductions

As a repository of information, the cCR promotes transparency, accountability and recognition on sustainability. It could also support cities’ overall institutional history and the case for enabling conditions that would accelerate local climate action. In the same vein the cCR provides opportunity to align local governments with global initiatives. As the official tool for global initiatives for Regions of Climate ActionDurban Adaptation Charter and Earth Hour City Challenge, it provides the avenue for sub-national governments, cities and communities to connect, exchange and learn from their counterparts from all over the world.
Eleven African cities are currently registered to use the online tool through different initiatives. Soon, five more local governments from the Urban-LEDS project in South Africa and two pilot cities from the Earth Hour City Challenge in Tanzania will be reporting, demonstrating their commitments, performances and actions to the world.

This demonstrates how the cCR is increasingly becoming a tool that is useful for all tiers of governments and can promote vertical integration. It is especially true for national governments as they seek to streamline national climate change monitoring and evaluation systems as part of their UNFCCC commitments.
Stay tuned for developments on how the cCR may further expand and cater to local governments in the continent. Interested parties are invited to get in touch with ICLEI Africa to know more about the tool.

For more on the Resilient Communities for America campaign visit their site here.

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