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9 April 2015

Chair and Vice-Chair of the ICLEI Africa Committee Announced

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The ICLEI Africa Inaugural Committee Meeting took place at the World Congress in Seoul, South Korea, on the morning of Wednesday 8 April, 2015. One of the purposes of this meeting was for the Mayors to elect a Chair and Vice Chair for the Committee. We are now delighted to announce that Honourable Mayor Abel Langsi, of Bafut Council in Cameroon, has been elected as the Chair for 2015-2018; while Honourable Mayor Martin Moyo of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, is now the Vice-Chair.

The ICLEI Africa Committee represents the ICLEI Members of Africa. As with each other region’s Committee, it is itself elected by the ICLEI Members, from a list of candidates from the region.

A Regional Committee is, in turn, represented in the Global Executive Committee (GEXCOM) by one of its Mayors.

In the case of Africa, our Region is represented globally by Honourable Mayor James Nxumalo of eThekwini Municipality (Durban) South Africa. Mayor Nxumalo is also the Vice-President of ICLEI globally – a strong representative of our continent in ICLEI’s global governance bodies!

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