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20 August 2014

City of Cape Town City to off-set small-scale electricity generation

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The City of Cape Town has set itself a target of sourcing 10% of its electricity from renewable energy resources by 2020 and the roll-out of the small-scale embedded generation tariff supports this goal.

‘Simply put, those residents and businesses that generate their own electricity through alternative renewable energy resources will soon have the option of feeding a limited amount of surplus generation back into the grid, for which there will be an off-set against their electricity accounts,’ said the City’s Executive Mayor, Patricia de Lille.

The City of Cape Town has been at the forefront of green initiatives as part of our commitment to create a sustainable city and one that addresses the challenges facing our environment.

‘Most SSEG projects generate electricity from renewable sources like the sun and wind. South Africa is blessed with sunshine and the City is embracing SSEG technology to assist with the country’s acute power supply. By doing so, we are assisting businesses and households to minimise their own electricity consumption from the grid,’ Mayor De Lille added.

Consumers who generate their own electricity are not always able to consume all of the generated electricity immediately and they will now be able to receive an off-set against the cost of their electricity purchases for excess electricity fed back into the municipal grid.

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