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20 June 2015

City of Johannesburg greens vehicle fleet

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The City’s Fleet Greening Programme will help to reduce the demand for conventional fossil fuel vehicles and will lead to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

On Friday 19 June Executive Mayor Councillor Parks Tau and Mally Mokoena – Member of the Mayoral Committee for Group Corporate and Shared Services Councillor – launched the Fleet Greening Programme of ICLEI Member the City of Johannesburg at the Metro Centre in Braamfontein.

To that effect, the ageing fleet of vehicles will be replaced with fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles. Other fleet vehicles will be converted, so that they use bio-fuels and compressed natural gas which is far friendlier for the environment. Together with partnering service providers the City will roll out this project over the next three years.

In addition to this programme Johannesburg has already implemented similar projects for the Metrobus and the Rea Vaya. The City’s aim is to replace a third of the Metrobus fleet with modern dual-fuel green buses. According to Mayor Tau the Rea Vaya is a transport flagship which has already helped to reduce the gas emissions of Johannesburg.

“We want to promote the use of public transport, cycling and walking and reduce the reliance on private vehicles,” Mayor Tau said.

The new Fleet Greening Programme will help to improve Johannesburg’s green revolution.

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