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7 March 2024

Driving change: Local partners appointed to implement clean cooking interventions in urban informal settlements in Kampala, Uganda

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Following a call for applications by ICLEI Africa for the Enabling African Cities for Transformative Energy Access’ (ENACT) project, implemented in collaboration with Energy 4 Impact – Mercy Corps,  a consortium has been appointed to carry out clean cooking interventions in  Kisenyi informal settlement (and its surrounding areas) in Kampala, Uganda. The consortium is led by Wana Solutions Uganda Limited and includes Green Bio Energy Ltd.

According to a baseline study conducted in Kisenyi by ENACT and its partners in September 2023, 92% of residents and microenterprises in Kisenyi currently rely on charcoal as their primary fuel for cooking. The  slow uptake of clean cooking technologies in this community is attributed to factors such as lack of awareness, and concerns around affordability and safety of cleaner alternatives (read more about the findings of the study in this report). As such, Wana Solutions and its partners will be working to address these challenges through a range of interventions aimed at improving clean cooking access within the community. 

These include: 

  • deploying a range of clean cooking technologies (Electric Pressure cookers, PAYG Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) and related appliances,
  • Improved Cook Stoves with Briquettes); increasing the distribution network of their products and services within the community;
  • working with community based organizations to raise awareness on the benefits of clean cooking,
  • working with micro finance institutions to provide end-user financing options; amongst others.

Through this project, up to 1,500 households and small businesses in Kisenyi will have access to clean cooking by June 2024.

Wana Solutions Uganda Limited has long been dedicated to addressing the critical energy needs of underserved communities in Uganda. Their appointment, along with Green Bio Energy, to implement clean cooking interventions in the Kisenyi informal settlement in Kampala, Uganda, supports ENACT’s mission to revolutionize cooking practices in informal settlements. This initiative will leverage innovative technology solutions and business models to provide Kisenyi residents with access to clean and efficient cooking technologies. 

This initiative aligns with Kampala Capital City Authorithy’s objective of providing clean cooking access to its residents, including those living in its informal settlements. Ms Rhoda Gwayinga, Supervisor Risk Management, Kampala Capital City Authority adds that “Access to clean cooking is not a privilege, but a basic entitlement for all individuals, including those residing in the informal settlements of Kampala city. Providing clean cooking facilities, such as improved stoves, EPC and LPG in Kisenyi is essential for transforming Kampala into a city where inhabitants can thrive and live comfortably”

The national government also welcomes this commendable initiative supported by the ENACT project. “I congratulate Wana Solutions and Green Bio Energy for emerging successfully from the competitive selection process. I am happy to note that the consortium will offer a range of clean cooking alternatives, namely; LPG, EPCs and ICS with Briquettes, which is in line with the integrated clean cooking strategy and approach being spearheaded by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development and Government of Uganda. It is our hope that these solutions will be delivered within the context of the community, so as to meet the project’s targets, while supporting Uganda’s energy policy and energy transition goals, as well as the Kampala Climate Change and Energy Action Strategy. I also congratulate all the ENACT Project partners for this critical milestone. Together, let us commit to delivering a private sector led clean cooking implementation model that is fit-for-purpose to support future scale up plans and interventions for urban informal settlements in Uganda and beyond.” – Eng. Herbert ABIGABA, Principal Energy Officer /ENACT Project Focal Person, MEMD

Stay tuned for updates on our progress as we work to bring clean cooking solutions to the heart of Kampala’s informal settlements.

About Wana Energy Solutions:
Wana Solutions Uganda Limited is a Ugandan-owned company which distributes and markets Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Electronic Pressure Cookers (EPCs) and Solar Home Systems (SHS) as clean, affordable, reliable, and thermally efficient cooking and lighting energy. With a focus on innovation, impact, and inclusivity, Wana Solutions is committed to driving positive change and empowering communities across Uganda and beyond.

About Green Bio Energy: 
Green Bio Energy (GBE) is an award-winning social enterprise, based in Uganda, that launched  in 2011. GBE offers low-income Ugandan families access to cost-saving, safe and eco-friendly energy solutions such as energy efficient cook stoves and environmentally friendly biomass briquettes. GBE also provides individuals and organisations training in micro-enterprise management, briquettes production and sells equipment for small-scale briquette production. The company has distributed about 5 ,000 tons of eco-briquettes and 128 ,271 energy efficient cook stoves.

The Enabling African Cities for Transformative Energy Access (ENACT) project works with local governments, national government, the private sector, and local communities to create an enabling environment that helps to improve access to clean, safe, affordable and context-relevant energy (especially clean cooking) access for the urban poor living in informal settlements and slums in Freetown and Kampala. The project is funded by UK aid from the UK government, managed by The Carbon Trust, and delivered by ICLEI Africa with support from Energy 4 Impact – Mercy Corps.

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