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31 October 2014

Earth Hour City Challenge activities in Arusha and Moshi

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The Earth Hour City Challenge 2014-2015 was officially launched in pilot cities Arusha and Moshi on 16-17 October.

The Earth Hour City Challenge 2014-2015 was officially launched in pilot cities Arusha and Moshi on 16-17 October.

Honourable Lord Mayor Gaudence Lyimo of Arusha city opened the occasion on 16 October 2014. Dr Menan Jangu of the National Environmental Management Council (NEMC) also cited efforts that they are taking to address climate change, such as securing water quality for indigenous communities in Mount Kilimanjaro. To raise awareness on the campaign, Arusha City Council officials, WWF Tanzania staff, journalists and other participants marched around the city.

The event launch in Moshi Municipal Council took place the following day, which was opened by Honourable Lord Mayor Japhary Michael. This event provided the platform for district council officials and WWF Tanzania representatives to engage in an open dialogue on the Earth Hour City Challenge initiative.

Capacity building workshop for pilot cities
A series of capacity-building workshops took place in all three Tanzanian pilot cities of Arusha, Moshi, and Dar es Salaam from 23-30 October 2014. These involved training the cities in using the carbonn Climate Registry (cCR) tool to report their climate initiatives. It was held in partnership with WWF Tanzania and Institute of Environment and Development Studies.

The first of the series took place in Arusha on 23-24 October. After defining areas where the municipality has legal authority, representatives from various departments then listed down potential activities for their cCR entry. Such an exercise created opportunities to integrate low-carbon development into cross-departmental activities, allowing for mainstreaming in overall municipal development plans. These only serve to augment on-going waste-related initiatives and large-scale tree planting.

Moshi Municipal Council had its workshop from 27-28 October. The EHCC initiative was met with great enthusiasm and support from Moshi Urban Legislator, Mr Philemon Ndesamburo. Municipal Executive Director Mr. Shaaban Ntarambe also welcomed the opportunity for cross-departmental effort on climate change.
Finally the workshop series had its last session in Dar es Salaam, from 29-30 October. In attendance was Mr. Abraham Shamamuyo, Secretary General of Association for Local Authorities in Tanzania (ALAT). For more information on the event please watch this clip.

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