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18 February 2015

ICLEI Africa attends expert workshop on developing the Green Economy Toolkit

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ICLEI Africa recently participated in an expert workshop around the development of a Green Economy Toolkit, co-ordinated by UNEP and GIZ held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on the first week of February 2015.
A number of African countries have recognized the potential contribution of Green Economy to sustainable development and have started taking strategic measures at national level.
A proposed digital Green Economy Toolkit aims to consolidate the knowledge that is out there so that the user can have an easy entry point to practical tools that will assist with the planning at a sub-national and sectoral level. The toolkit is designed to complement national efforts through providing practical tools and to provide case studies that illustrate implementation.
While the current focus is on the development of the toolkit, plans are in the pipeline for training and implementation, as well as a full online knowledge platform for more interactive use by planners from across the continent. Further updates to follow as the process unfolds.
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