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9 June 2017

ICLEI & ALAT MoU signed

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ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability: Africa Secretariat (ICLEI Africa) and the Association of Local Governments of Tanzania (ALAT) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding.

This important milestone was celebrated in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania with the formal handing over of the agreement between the two organisations on Friday 9 June 2017.

ICLEI Africa’s footprint in Tanzania, through various climate change and urban sustainability projects and the membership of several city and municipal councils, has been strengthened through this agreement. Likewise, it has strengthened ALAT’s role in implementing national resolutions at local level in Tanzania. ALAT will benefit from ICLEI’s global networks and advocacy role, and ICLEI Africa will benefit from ALAT’s local advocacy role and mandate to forge partnerships in Tanzania.


The agreement between ICLEI Africa and ALAT opens opportunities for both organisations to maximise benefits to local governments in Tanzania and to grow their membership through strengthened services to cities and municipalities. The main objectives of the ICLEI Africa ALAT MOU are to:

  • make Tanzanian local governments more resilient and sustainable in their development;
  • build sustainability and climate change capacity at the local and regional government levels;
  • coordinate & align efforts in the development of tools and systems for the monitoring and evaluation of local and regional climate change response information;
  • provide improved connection for ALAT to global sustainability forums and capacity building tools and information to further serve their members; and
  • provide, through ALAT which is the national mandate local government association in Tanzania, improved connection for ICLEI Africa to cities and municipalities in Tanzania.

In recognising the importance of how this MOU, opens doors for both organisations to work together and become stronger in representing city and local government issues, and in advocating greater resilience and sustainability of the cities in Tanzania, Cleophas Manyango, Secretary General of ALAT commented: “ALAT, as the organisation which unifies urban and rural councils in Tanzania, is happy to enter into a MOU with ICLEI. As we all know the challenges of climate change in our cities, and local governments and Local Government Associations do not leave our cities behind. The relationship, which we have entered with ICLEI, is one of the ways of trying to find solutions beyond country borders.”

His colleague, Moses Kinaro added: “Working together with ICLEI has provided an opportunity for ALAT and cities in Tanzania to better manage environmental resources in a sustainable manner.”

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