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27 July 2017

ICLEI welcomes Nairobi as its 100th Member in Sub-Sahara Africa

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Nairobi City County, capital city of Kenya, has joined ICLEI, the global network of cities and subnational governments for sustainability, as its 100th member in Sub-Sahara Africa.

This east African metropolis, which is a major regional diplomatic and financial hub, is home to over 3 million people. It now joins its fellow leading African cities – from Dakar in the west, to Addis Ababa in the east and Cape Town in the south – in becoming a full member of the ICLEI network.

In joining ICLEI, Nairobi, known as the Green City under the Sun, is now connecting with more than 1 000 other cities from around the globe committed to building sustainable, resilient, low carbon and inclusive cities for our growing current and future urban communities.

“We welcome Nairobi as ICLEI’s 100th African member,” says Kobie Brand, Regional Director of ICLEI’s African Secretariat. “As our continent continues to urbanise at unprecedented rates, it is vital that city leaders seize these unique growth opportunities to plan and build cities that will improve the quality of life for those who live there. By connecting through ICLEI with other like-minded cities in our network, these local pioneers are able to build resilience, leapfrog technology, learn from and inspire each other, and collectively shape our shared urban future for a better tomorrow – for our people, our continent and our planet. We look forward to working closely with Nairobi in the years ahead.”

On behalf of its fellow African cities, we would like to say to Nairobi, hongera, and a warm welcome to the network!

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