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Bamako District


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Located against the Niger River in Mali, the Bamako District is the nation’s capital, and is the center of trade where cement, petroleum, rice and groundnut products are shipped to other parts of the country and continent. The district pulses with life, as traditional and modern practices merge to form a unique blend of culture. Home to various ethnic groups, Bamako is a truly unique African city that is known to welcome visitors warmly. The city is committed to sustainable development and environmental preservation, and efforts to promote clean energy and green waste management practices can be seen throughout its policies. 



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Advocating for accelerated action at COP28

Our cities and regions across the continent are gearing up to make their voices heard loud and clear at COP28, through a range of interventions, stressing the urgent need to scale up a rigorous all-of-economy, all-of-society approach which leads to urgent and significant climate action this decade.