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East Africa Local Governments Association (EALGA)

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The East Africa Local Governments Association (EALGA) stands as a beacon of collaborative governance and regional cooperation across East Africa. Established with the vision of fostering unity and empowering local authorities, EALGA connects municipalities, districts, and regions within the East African Community (EAC).

Headquartered in the bustling urban landscape of Nairobi, Kenya, EALGA strategically situates itself at the heart of the region, enabling effective coordination and engagement with local governments spread across Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. Its central location symbolises its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that the voices and concerns of diverse communities resonate within its corridors.

At its core, EALGA shoulders multifaceted responsibilities aimed at enhancing governance effectiveness, promoting sustainable development, and safeguarding the environment across East Africa. With a steadfast dedication to the principles of subsidiarity and decentralisation, EALGA empowers local governments to autonomously address the unique challenges and opportunities within their jurisdictions while fostering cross-border collaboration to tackle shared regional issues.

In line with its commitment to environmental stewardship, EALGA champions proactive measures to mitigate climate change, preserve natural resources, and promote eco-friendly practices across East Africa. Through capacity-building initiatives, policy advocacy, and knowledge-sharing platforms, EALGA equips local authorities with the tools and expertise needed to integrate environmental considerations into their planning and decision-making processes. From promoting sustainable urban development to spearheading community-based conservation efforts, EALGA plays a pivotal role in nurturing a greener, more resilient East Africa for generations to come.

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