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Quatre Bornes


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Situated within the Plaines Wilhems district and known as “la ville des fleurs” (the city of flowers), Quatre Bornes is a vibrant town with a warm and inviting atmosphere, that boasts a fusion of cultural diversity. Bustling markets and lively streets sit against a backdrop of contemporary buildings. Here you can listen to the chatter of friendly and knowledgeable vendors and locals, smell the aromatic spices and creole-inspired street food, feel the vibrant textiles and hand-crafted goods, and immerse in a one-of-a-kind sensory experience. Nestled in between are historical monuments and sites, Hindu temples, museums, and well-kept parks and gardens.

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Our cities and regions across the continent are gearing up to make their voices heard loud and clear at COP28, through a range of interventions, stressing the urgent need to scale up a rigorous all-of-economy, all-of-society approach which leads to urgent and significant climate action this decade.