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South African Local Government Association (SALGA)

South Africa

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Member summary

The South African Local Government Association (SALGA) is an autonomous organization representing all 257 local governments in South Africa. It operates through a national association and nine provincial offices, with membership being voluntary. SALGA is governed by a Constitution and a Governance Framework, overseen by a National Executive Committee composed of elected councillors, primarily mayors and municipal office bearers, with administrative leadership provided by a Chief Executive Officer.

SALGA’s core objectives include representing, promoting, and safeguarding the interests of local governments while elevating the profile of local governance. It plays a strategic role in supporting local government transformation, navigating the diverse landscape of municipalities.

Functioning as a full partner in government, SALGA actively participates in intergovernmental relations, advocating for local government interests and providing solutions to challenges faced by municipalities. Its mandate encompasses facilitating local government’s developmental obligations while advocating for common policy positions and addressing broader issues affecting local governance.

In addition to its core responsibilities, SALGA demonstrates commitment to environmental issues by advocating for sustainable development practices, fostering resilience to climate change, and supporting local governments in implementing environmentally conscious policies and initiatives within their jurisdictions.

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