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Walvis Bay


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Walvis Bay (meaning “bay of whales”) is a coastal gem in the south west of Namibia. As one of the country’s rapidly growing municipalities, Walvis Bay is known as the “jewel of the Namibian coast” – a thriving place of stunning desert landscapes, cultural diversity and a hub of business activity. It’s also a particularly beautiful area for nature lovers and tourists, who can enjoy the abundant birdlife at the lagoon, kayaking and surfing at the beach, Dune 7 (a sandboarding and quad biking hotspot), and the colourful spectacle of salt works. There is also a rich and diverse history and cultural offering, and visitors can revel in the thriving local arts scene. Walvis Bay is also home to one of Africa’s most important deep-water ports. Here, trade and commerce contribute to the country’s economic growth and its role in international trade.

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Our cities and regions across the continent are gearing up to make their voices heard loud and clear at COP28, through a range of interventions, stressing the urgent need to scale up a rigorous all-of-economy, all-of-society approach which leads to urgent and significant climate action this decade.