Our AfriFOODlinks Youth Ambassadors recently shared their insights on the vital role of youth voices in shaping our future. As we confront the complexities of today’s global landscape, the need for a diverse array of voices in decision-making processes becomes unmistakably crucial [1]. The inclusion of young perspectives is not merely beneficial—it is essential for … Continued

The City of Dar es Salaam has revised and strengthened its Local Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan, clearly showing how the intersection between biodiversity and urban planning can help to identify projects that balance rapid urban growth with the need to retain and enhance the benefits from urban nature. LBSAPs: A local tool for biodiversity … Continued

Following a call for applications by ICLEI Africa for the Enabling African Cities for Transformative Energy Access’ (ENACT) project, implemented in collaboration with Energy 4 Impact – Mercy Corps,  a consortium has been appointed to carry out clean cooking interventions in  Kisenyi informal settlement (and its surrounding areas) in Kampala, Uganda. The consortium is led … Continued

Bridging finance and biodiversity: Crucial steps for African city resilience Amidst the escalating challenges posed by climate change and biodiversity loss, African cities find themselves at a critical juncture, where the intersection of finance and biodiversity holds immense significance for resilience. With more than half the world’s Gross Domestic Product  (GDP) relying on biodiversity and … Continued

We are thrilled to introduce our newly elected Regional Executive Committee (RexCom) members for the 2024-2027 term. These dedicated individuals will play a pivotal role in leading us towards a more sustainable future, both locally and globally. Join us in welcoming them with open arms and immense gratitude for their commitment to advancing ICLEI’s sustainability … Continued

A cohort of ICLEI Africa’s cutting-edge new resilience projects will deliver tangible outcomes in the coming year. Together, they will strengthen urban resilience in African cities, increasing preparedness and alleviating disasters, tackling climate shifts, and aiming to secure vital climate finance. In response to the urgent challenges posed by climate change and its devastating impacts, … Continued

Today, the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) and ICLEI Africa unveiled the report “The Future of Africa’s Sustainable Cities: Why Clean Cooking Matters,” which highlights the critical role that clean cooking must play in ensuring sustainable and equitable urban growth, with a particular focus on the fast-growing cities of sub-Saharan Africa. The report was launched at … Continued

ICLEI Africa and partners collaborating for impact

ICLEI Africa is excited to launch the BRokering Innovation for Decentralised climate finance & Gender Equality (BRIDGE) project through the recently organised inaugural workshop. BRIDGE recognises the vital role that knowledge broker organisations play in fostering collaboration and bridging divides that often hinder the essential cooperation necessary for scaled climate action. The ground-breaking initial workshop … Continued

Our cities and regions across the continent are gearing up to make their voices heard loud and clear at COP28, through a range of more than 30 interventions, stressing the urgent need to scale up a rigorous all-of-economy, all-of-society approach which leads to urgent and significant climate action this decade.