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8 October 2014

“Preservation of the ozone layer”: a roadshow with Kwadukuza schools

top right mosaic bottom left mosaic
KwaDukuza Municipality, in collaboration with Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs, visited schools that participated in the KwaDukuza Environmental Day Music Competition originally held on the 5 June 2014.

Overall the “preservation of the ozone layer” road show held 15 – 22 September 2014 was a success as KwaDukuza Municipality officials managed to visit 11 schools and reached approximately 200 learners in each school.

The aim of this road show was to provide climate change education and awareness to learners and to emphasise the importance of working together to protect and preserve the ozone layer. Some environmental issues are often misunderstood, and this roadshow helped clarify some of the prevailing misconceptions, for example the difference between the Ozone Hole and Climate Change (which the public often perceive to being the same thing). The visit also served as a follow-up engagement with schools to handover two KwaDukuza Low Carbon Vision 2030 posters as well as copies of the Climate Change theatre piece, now on DVD.

Both of these items showcase the outcome of the innovative future scenario planning process, which KwaDukuza Municipality and key stakeholders created earlier this year.

The table below shows the carbon cutting package received by the winning schools.

3 Crystal solar lights – top 3 schools from the Environmental Day Music competition
8 tulip solar lights
9 climate change drama DVD copies
11 schools x 2 posters per school = 22 posters
9 schools x 3 trees per school
1 school x 2 trees
=29 trees

15 plants for the garden at Stanger Manor Primary

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