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Networking for Water & Sanitation in Africa

A platform where local governments can engage to find sustainable and equitable urban water and sanitation practices in Africa.

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Networking for Water & Sanitation in Africa

Years active:

2012 - present

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Funded by

This project is part co-financed through the European Commission funded ACCESSanitation and SURe Water 4 Africa projects.

Project summary

By 2025, about 1.8 billion people will be living in regions or countries with absolute water scarcity. Of the 783 million people who are without access to clean water, 40% live in sub-Saharan Africa, and more than 320 million people lack access to safe drinking water. We need a paradigm shift for more sustainable, resilient and equitable urban water and sanitation practices in Africa.

The Africa Water and Sanitation Local Authorities (AWASLA) Network is a dynamic, interactive and dedicated pan-African network for local governments and their associated institutions engaged in all aspects of the urban water cycle, including water supply, sanitation, and storm- and wastewater management.

AWASLA provides a unique platform where local governments can exchange knowledge and good practice, consider emerging challenges and innovations, and explore collaborative action.

Project aims

The AWASLA network enables local and subnational governments that are committed to achieving more sustainable and effective urban water and sanitation management practices in African cities to connect, learn, share, and ultimately make impactful change.

To enable this network, AWASLA has four practical focus areas.

Promote knowledge exchange

  • City officials exchange regional and international knowledge and best practices
  • Interactive and facilitated discussion and debate foster collaboration

Build capacity

  • Officials receive access to the latest research, data, tools and publications in the urban water and sanitation field

Facilitate connections

  • AWASLA connects local governments and subnational decision-makers across sectors, leading researchers and scientists, institutions, communities and external support agencies committed to addressing the challenges and opportunities for urban water and sanitation in African cities

Empower advocacy

  • AWASLA promotes and mobilises the local government voice into regional and international water and sanitation advocacy processes

AWASLA is open to all local and subnational governments, and their associations in Africa. Regional and international organisations, non-governmental organisations, research institutions and individuals who wish to exchange knowledge and best practice for urban water and sanitation in Africa can participate as Associates of the Network.

Water will be the defining resource in our urban future.
- Kobie Brand, Regional Director, ICLEI Africa

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Networking for Water & Sanitation in Africa