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Water Security Strategy for Johannesburg

We co-developed the Water Security Strategy for the City of Johannesburg by defining challenges and designing remedial strategic responses.

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Water Security Strategy for Johannesburg

Years active:

Completed in February 2022

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City of Johannesburg

Project summary

Johannesburg is an asset and of great importance to the South African economy, as it is the largest and fastest growing city as well as the economic hub of the county. However, like many large cities, bears growing and development struggles. Johannesburg’s population is growing and is predicted to almost double by 2050. With this growth, Johannesburg will undergo more urbanisation and development to meet the needs of its population. In addition, climate change is also predicted to impact Johannesburg’s temperature, rainfall, storm frequency, flooding and drought patterns. Thus, Johannesburg must strategically plan and mitigate the negative effects of these future scenarios while ensuring its continued growth and prosperity.

For this project, CoJ acknowledged the need to review, redesign and realign its approach to water and thus assess and address the impacts on their urban water cycle. CoJ aims to be a water secure city which entails ensuring the quantity and quality of water to sustain its society’s livelihoods, wellbeing and socio-economic development of the municipality.

Project aims

Our work facilitated defining the challenges and designing remedial Strategic Responses with the CoJ and its stakeholders. The strategy provides the CoJ and its stakeholders with an actionable roadmap to improve their  water security and enable their transition to a water secure city by 2040.

Project partners

Water Security Strategy for Johannesburg