Scaling up and Empowering Movements for Climate Change Advocacy
We are rooted in the principles of community-based adaption (CBA), actively bringing urban ‘communities’ together to achieve climate action at scale within African city regions.

Resilient climate solutions increasingly need to use the experience, knowledge and energy of people who will be most affected by climate change as the basis for planning future urban areas. In cities, this requires not only drawing on insights from local authorities and national governments but also from urban residents (particularly the poor) and civil and social movement groups.

The SEMCCA programme is designed to support the development of enabling conditions for revitalised civic and social participation, through designing and implementing tailored approaches, within a multi-level governance and social justice framework, in order to deliver ambitious, well-supported, scalable and replicable climate solutions.

As a result, SEMCCA aims to foster strong and effective collaboration between people-powered community and civil society groups and their local governments, thereby enabling a robust and strategic collective movement for action.

Project Location

Lusaka City, Zambia; Lagos, Nigeria & Kisumu, Kenya.

Project Duration

September 2020 – July 2022

Project Highlights

Project aims

To enable a strategic collective movement that enables tangible climate change action in African cities by strengthening collaboration between climate change community groups and local governments, SEMCCA aims to:

  • Improve effective processes for engagement between local government and civil society
  • Support cross-movement mobilisation
  • Support the upscaling and replicability of project lessons, recommendations and activities through advocacy and communications

Funded By

Urban Movement Innovation Fund (UMI Fund)

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