Using the 2021 World Risk Poll results and relevant data, DRR4Africa supports three cities to screen existing risks to climate-induced hazards.

We support subnational stakeholders to access finance for locally-led and gender-responsive climate change adaptation action in Cameroon.

We are supporting Steve Tshwete Local Municipality with their transition to a low carbon, just and resilient economy.

We are conducting inclusive and co-created research into what climate-resilient measures can and should be implemented in coastal African cities.

We support local governments in Africa to integrate nature-based solutions into land use planning for increased resilience.

We address the systemic underpinnings of food insecurity and environmental impact by strengthening linkages between stakeholders in Africa and Europe.

We provide energy access technologies and replicable business models and generate local opportunities for economic development and social cohesion.

We bring together stakeholders to generate insights and evidence that will help improve the living conditions, services and life chances of all city residents.

We support inclusive and sustainable food systems in the rebuilding economies of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng Provinces through the FoodforRebuilding project.

We support the mitigation of climate change impacts by creating an enabling regulatory and financial environment to accelerate the transition to e-mobility.